The first article of my personal website

I wish this website will be a place for me to share my professional & academic
experiences, as well as thoughts in daily lives.

Here is what inspires me to set up this space. I just finished CS144:web application course at UCLA last quarter, so I have known some web technologies and hope to put them into practice. Meanwhile, I was touched by the “personal brand” idea from the Start-up of You by Reid Hoffman. A qualified entrepreneur should have a personal name card, which reflects his own zeal to his skills and field, rather than only his identity as an employee of certain company. Still immersing in the happiness of getting LinkedIn’s intern offer, I was deeply touched by Mr. Hoffman’s view. For a personal name card, one thing that could not be neglected is the address of your personal website, an independent gate to your professional world.

I will try to put my new findings and reflections during study at UCLA and internship at LinkedIn. Writing makes one concentrate and rational. It is also essential to success in career.